Route Planners

route-plannerTravelling has been an integral part of one’s life from as long as we can remember. Therefore, Traveling to a far destination from home seems like a perfect vacationing idea. Visiting a different country with an entirely different culture, architecture and food experience is an integral part of a travelling experience.

In earlier times, it was important to have a guide at your service for you to be able to explore the country and know about its history and specialties. But with the advancement of technology, the guides have been replaced by online route planner and travel guides.

Online route planners are your virtual guide to be able to explore the country you are travelling to, at your fullest. With the advancement in the technology now you no longer need to carry road maps and travel book-guides with you.

All you now need to do is to know how to use and internet and keep a couple of online route planners to do the magic for you. These online websites are so simple that even kids can operate it. They are user friendly and are correct to an extent that you can forget the risk of getting lost.

Best Online Routes Planners:

Even though the online route planners are of great help but there is a possibility that they list you some of the places because they are being advertised on these online planners. Nonetheless it gives you a clear idea of what to expect enroute, which stops to consider and which delis to visit.

Following are a couple of online route planning websites that will help you in planning.

  1. 1.  Mappy

Mappy Online planner is one of the best route planners. It allows you to locate the hotels, bars and lodges, cafés, spas, malls and petrol station to and from your location. It is as simple as using Google maps.

It covers almost all the countries of Europe and provides you a detailed account of places that you should be visiting and their ratings as well. It gives you a detailed account of town, villages, suburbs and routes via ferry as well. Mappy stands out when it comes to providing accurate travelling data.

  1. 2.              Via Michelin

Via Michelin Maps and Routes gives you a brief account of what to expect in term of weather on your trip and also provides you details of nearby fuel station, hotels, car parking and even roads which are under construction or maintenance.

The website is best known for taking minimum time to do the math for the routes. The Via Michelin provides you tips and recommendation for your destined route which are of great importance for tourists in a foreign country. It is a great choice for people on long journeys and routes.

  1. 3.              Randy Mc Nally

Randy Mc Nally is one of the most detailed online route planners. If you are planning your trip in USA, this website can be on great use. It gives you a detailed account of routes, towns, places, intersections and cross roads in USA. If you are new in United States, it s recommended that long with other option you should try Randy Mc Nally as well.

The only drawback that Randy Mc Nally seems to have at the moment is that it doesn’t list down out lets and places on your route guide.

  1. 4.              The RAC

The RAC is an extremely helpful website and it allows you to map your routes in the territory of New Europe. The RAC have a strong mapping of all the important places including metros and airports. The only issue with this website is that it doesn’t list downtowns and countryside small towns.

This websites also gives you an update on the traffic situation and the time it will take you to and from the destination. A brief account of millage is also calculated by the website for your convenience.

  1. 5.              Furkot

Furkot road trip is also another extensive website with details listing of café and delis, travel distance to places on foot and other important places that are listed nearby your location.

  1. 6.              Bing

Bing is one of the famous search engines of the world and its online route planning service is also quite extensive. It gives you a detailed account of directions online. It even offers you an option of checking out the places that are listed nearby.

Websites like these are if great importance when it comes to planning your trip. You can look after trivial details of your journey but you either need a guide book or online route planner to map-down the places you want to visit.