One Way Car Rentals

one-way-car-hireOne way car rental appears as a very convenient option to many. You don’t have to plunge into the aggravation of returning the car to the same place from where you have taken it. This costs you a lot of time and is a nuisance. However, if you sign up yourself for one-way car rentals then you are free to go on your own merry way.

Despite the fact that the one way car rental service sounds like a good deal, it costs you a lot more than round-trip car rental servicing. For the reason that you leave the car on a different destination and this service saves you the trouble of returning it back to the dealer. They charge you the cost it takes for them to get the car back to its original station.

Tips on Getting One Way Car Rental

Not many people decide on one-way rental until or unless it is necessary. If you are not apprehensive about the price and are rather looking forward to saving time, then one-way rental service is your go-to solution. Some tips might come in handy for you if you still want to save a few extra bucks.

  • Divide the Rental Option:

If you have to travel to two or more different destination then measure up to the price of the services at different rental stations. For instance if you want to rent a car for 7 days but you know that you will be staying 4 days in one city and rest of the 3 days in other cities, then carve up the rental into two.

Return the car to your dealer on your first destination and then get another when you reach to your next destination. This will cost you less than getting a one-way car for 7 days.

  • Promotional Deals

Keep an eye on the promotional deals by the car rental services. In fall or may be spring, the companies are relocating their cars from one destination to another. It is the time when the rental firms are offering 20-30% price cut on the overall cost.

  • Drive-ways

This is not a superlative option; you probably will not get the routes on which you sought after to travel. But it costs you nothing. During fall and spring, the car dealers are repositioning their cars and for this purpose they need drivers. So if you are travelling for the sake of getting away, then driveways are the easiest on the pocket options you can come across.

  • Discount Coupons

Always check with your travel agent if they have any coupons to put aside the drop-off charges. Many clubs, flier service providers and other firms with loyalty programs have discount coupons that make it possible for you to waive off the delivery charges on one way rental service.

What to avoid while signing up for ‘One Way Car Rental’?

  • Local Dealers

While renting a one-way car conformity make sure that you go for the international and notorious car rental servicing instead of local dealers. Not many dealers endow with the option of one-way car rental servicing. So if you particularly ask for the one way service you in all probability will have to pay twice or thrice as much from the standard charges.

  • Keep Your Options Open:

Do not emphasize on a compact car. For longer routes and one-way rental service the dealers usually have bigger cars like SUV, Land Rover or Sedans. You are not likely to get a smaller car and it is certainly not going to cost you any less. The charges of the compact cars are more than the bigger cars.

  • Online Booking:

Always book online, whether it is one way or not booking in person from the car rental stations costs you more. If you make your reservations online you will not have to pay over the counter charges.

  • Airport Rental Services:

Say no to airport rental services. If you must, then try the local car dealers and ask if they are looking for any driveways to your preferred destination. For the reason that the rental services near the airport have to pay some compensation to the authorities. Due to which the rental services in the adjoining areas of an airport charge you more than the customary rental stations.